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Somos De Vuelta

Somos De Vuelta is a metal band from Belgium created in 2014. Fab and Marco played together some years ago in a prog band, they wanted to keep on working together and had been looking for a guitarist-singer during 1 or 2 years. Finally, someone told Fab that a young guitarist was searching for a band and lived in the same town, it was a young peruvian guitarist named Andrès. They met, they played together and Somos De Vuelta was born !

They played with bands like Nitehawks or Seed of Mary and also in a charity concert for homeless people in Liège.

In 2017 they record their 1st 10 songs album « Somos De Vuelta » and sell it on download in this website or on Usb key during their concerts.

The next album « Estamos de vuelta » will be out in 2021.

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Estamos de vuelta – mix

We are now mixing our new album. We lost so much time because of this fkn Covid !!!!! We are so impatient to go back and introduce these brand new material. Keep safe and stay tuned !

Domingo streaming

We need to stay home to fight the coronavirus ! During this time you can join us every sundays at 8pm (Brussels time) and watch live concerts of us on streaming on our Facebook page :

See you there !!

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